WAIT. STOP.  –  Read on…
You are looking around the web for a reason- perhaps to find a church, just curious or maybe bored..but you landed here..

BEFORE you leave this page- let me plant a TRUTH in your life- GOD LOVES YOU. He wants a relationship with you.

I welcome you to come by NWAG, check out the services, check me out in person.

What you will find:

* People who are each on their path of coming into a deeper more intimate relationship with God. We are on a journey together.

* A pastor who values knowing the flock and treasures preaching. Well, I actually mostly call it “treaching” because I tend to teach and preach. I do also like to have fun.

* Praise that is focused on God, a mix of contemporary and traditional music.

* Genuine acceptance of individual differences and life experiences

* A place where prayer is encouraged and people are strengthened

* A place for you


Look around our website or check us out on facebook (Northwest Assembly of God)  to get a little better understanding.

Come on by-

I will be looking for you.


Pastor K